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If you have been sent to this page through my Facebook Shop or Instagram shop. Please click on the link to the left. Through there you can easily find the products and purchase them. If you have any questions contact me at

Every work on this website is for sale unless stated otherwise. Prices are visible when you put your cursor on the image. I also provide a personal framing service if you want the work framed. 
For shipping details just send an e-mail or call me directly.

Don't forget to look at the RISJA shop for limited editions and smaller works, shipping world wide.

RISJA GALLERY is the art gallery and studio of Risja in Reuver, Limburg. A space where one can see the immersive work of the artist throughout the year. With changing exhibitions and an artist program, the space aims to be a vibrant, colorful addition to the dutch art scene.
The Gallery is open to public and can be visited by appointment.

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for more information about the artistic practice, submissions, publications or enquiries and bookings


gallery address
5953 NA 

 +31 6 45136639
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