I believe art is for everyone.

Art in the public realm functions as a gateway to an open and direct connection with the outside world. It breathes life into grey areas and gives a new purpose to old objects such as walls, transformer houses and other public property.

That is why I am also offering my creativity to turn these grey objects into new artworks. Lifting the environment and putting a smile onto the faces of passersby. Connecting and inspiring others with my work in this straight forward and open way. 


I adjust the colours and shapes to the area and buildings surrounding the work, thus creating a unifying and flowing stream of shapes and colours. The work stands out but is not screaming against its surroundings. Every artwork is a unique and one-of-a-kind painting made specifically to suit your needs. 

My dream is to turn the world into colour and by doing so lifting others around me. Public paintings are a great medium to reach a large audience and inspire others through my work in an accessible way. And by booking me to do so, we are coloring the world and making it a better place. One painting at a time!

Would love to have a dash of colour in your neighbourhood, on your company doorstep or in your own town?

Contact me to receive a special template which suits you!