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As an artist, Risja is keen on collaborating with musicians, poets or other artists. On this page you can read about some of the projects she has done in the past.

O'Risja - conversations with Yemanja

London-based artist Beatrice Vermeir and Risja Steeghs collaborated on a an audiovisual project inspired by Orixas. Brazilian Gods and Godesses playing big roles in the religion of Umbanda and Candomble. Two gringas in search of other worlds, spirituality and the god or godess which hides within everyone of us.

Art Residency at

Largo das Artes

September 2015, Risja travelled to the other side of the ocean to work as an artist in residence at Largo das Artes, Rio de Janeiro.

Where she worked on an installation called "Sea of sheets" inspired by the period of her life that she was bedridden. 

Developing a phenomenon called "therapy rooms" which she will continue to work on in the upcoming years of her artist life. 


Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg, supported this project. Giving financial aids so Risja could do this research. 

You can find more about this project on or Risja's facebook.









Brazil is a  country filled with macho behaviour. As both a female and a feminist i felt it to be almost unbearable to see how woman are treated and looked at in a country on the other side of the ocean. 

Big changes need a lot of time. So does the development of this problematic alfa-male behaviour that Brazilian men have been taught througout the centuries.

Patience has never been Risja's strongest suit and she believes that the tiniest gestures can make big changes.

That's why she secretely pastes flowers on the nipples and pussies of brazilian prostitution advertisements in telephone poles. And when no one's watching she puts up friendly 1920's porn decorated with delecate pencildrawings on the streets of Rio.

These tiny attempts of anti-machismo are to be admired on instagram under #powertothepussy.

Honour your Ancestors

December 2014, Risja and experimental music collective Sula worked together for a week at the NDSM-warf in Amsterdam, , where they finished their creative collaboration in an installation of Risja's artwork accompanied by some Sula-music inspired by the surroundings of Amsterdam-Noord.

Risja: A story by Lilith

Photographer Lilith Love documented Risja's life in bed. Where she spend almost 4 years of her life, fighting for health and recovering from the heavy procedures she had to undergo.

The two women worked together in and around Risja's home where Lilith photographed Risja's daily routine and they dolled up for glossy pictures!

A document on girlpower and life as a dissabled girl. Because even with a tortured body, the inside remains.

To buy the amazing photobook, click here

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